Wedding plans

So last week myself and Keith booked our Big Day!!!! Sooooo bloody excited!

So I’ve had a beautiful weekend filled with making bridesmaid boxes…. asking the important question. Of course they said yes!

I’m so unbelievably excited to get all our dreams and desires booked and brought to life! The big count down is on… August 2020 hurry the f*** up 👰🏻🤵🏻💕

So we’ve booked at a beautiful hotel that dates back to the 1800s it’s full of character and newness combined. It’s around 5 miles away from where we live called Guisborough Hall.

I’m just so in love and on cloud nine!

Love always,

Sarah 🌸

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Approval and validation?!

Why is it as humans we all crave the approval of others?

This has always been a huge question of mine, for a very long time. As a 23 year old young women; it’s always been a goal for mine to meet approval from my parents, family and friends but why?!

As a child of divorce I suddenly became one of those that lives with mum and never really hears from her father partly the fact he lives and works in Saudi Arabia but this should never be a reason not to see your kids right?! Wrong for much of my life since been 9 I’ve seen him once a year if I’m lucky. He’s always been for my sister which for the other sibling this can be quite hurtful but I’ve learnt to focus on other things.

So leading to my big question of approval and validation;a few months ago as I’ve explained in previous posts I’ve just recently got engaged and as most traditional people Keith asked my father to which his reply was “why are you asking me?” Where as with my sister he had a lot to do with the engagement and wedding planning and looking after the grandchildren etc so why after all this do I still want the approval of my father… because he’s just that he’s my dad I want involvement, happiness and approval of my choices.

But why? Because we go about our daily lives in search of validation without even realising it don’t we? As toddlers every laugh, hand clap or wave, step or crawl we get praise or egged on to do more. As children we’d look at our parents for that nod or smile to know we could go ahead that “mark of approval!” Throughout school we try to “fit in” be in the “in crowd” and the whole of our careers we seek to be liked and accepted fearing criticism from colleagues and bosses. Why do we go on social networks and upload things? Because we seek approval and validation for that millisecond of someone positively commenting on that picture or status you feel achievement, approval and validation.

I don’t get that from Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, tweeter or even here that’s not what I’m looking for…. my validation was my dad finally texting me the other day after a disagreement a few months ago where I said I don’t think you even care for me or my life I received this….

To a reader from the outside you may see this and think yeah what of it?! But to me this is ahhhh finally you’ve seen it. I’ve worked my arse of to be where I am with no help. I did this on my own and will now be happy that for that millisecond I know he was happy! Even if he never says it again I had it once!

Love always,

Sarah 🌸

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It’s not easy being wheezy.!

So one thing about me is I have chronic asthma. I’ve suffered with it from been around 13 years old; unfortunately as I’ve got older the worse it has gotten.

Now at the age of 23 I’m under a Respiratory Specialist at my local hospital and find myself at my doctors every 3 or so weeks this is more frequent during winter or flu season 😭

As most asthmatics will know they get taken down by infections very frequently. Gladly I have a great GP and consultant that have me on a cocktail of daily medication and during a flare up or infection we’ve cracked what works for me then to add to my usual things.

I feel it the correct time to fill people in on facts and statistics on asthma as I can feel myself falling ill at the moment due to the deteriorating weather in the North East of the UK at the moment.

Unfortunately people who don’t have asthma seem to think it’s just something that can be treated with inhalers or is just an allergy thing this isn’t always the case and side effects to asthma can include: wheezing, back pain, breathlessness (even when sat down), coughing, tight chest, dizziness, fainting, blue lips/ fingers and a rapid heart beat. Like struggling to breathe isn’t bad enough right?!

Living with asthma is manageable most of the time but during an episode it’s crucial you have the correct inhaler and know how to use it. Preventer inhalers and relievers are god sends but a personal favourite of mine is the Salmeterol 500 which has a large quantity of steroids in, fantastic during a bad day!

So here’s some facts on asthma:

This wasn’t a give me sympathy post it’s just to help spread awareness.

Awareness and knowledge is key 🔐

Love always,

Sarah 🌸


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Let me let you into my life 💕


So I’m going to let you in a little and introduce you to my life and some amazing people in it.

First there’s the women that gave me life. She’s my inspiration. She battles everyday with her mental health and has done since I was around one years old but says she can look back and pin point the point in her life she lost control. I find it truly inspiring and remarkable how someone can be at rock bottom and can’t see the light but can “battle” on to make you her reason to keep battling on! I rarely speak about my mother’s mental health as it’s a difficult subject for me as I can’t help or sympathise as I can’t cure her and I don’t know how she feels. One thing I know that drives people mad with depression is people that say “I know how you feel!” Because you don’t you never will until it hits you! I’ve learnt to manage my emotions and bottle them up to always be there for my mum as much as I can! She’s my diamond, rare and bright! She’s got such an amazing personality and she’s gorgeous!

Secondly is Keith, my other half. We’re newly engaged; he popped the question the 6th November 2017 over a candle lit dinner after an amazing trip to Dublin for his birthday! I’m very much excited to become a Williams in the next few years.

We’ve just got our first place together. We’re both loving the freedom that comes with been a young couple with a home together!

Keith was someone that walked into my life at just the right time! The beginning of last year I was very down and didn’t think if every meet “the one” after a few short term boyfriends and a 5 year abusive one I thought that was me done! But I didn’t know I’d already met him! Myself and Keith have the same circle of friends so saw each other regularly on nights out and social events. What I didn’t know was he had his eye on me for about 2 years previous and I was just the laughing joking Singleton that joked with everyone. Fast forward a little while and we’re all loved up!

Next is my circle of gurlllls! My ride or dies! My homies! We have Michelle, she’s getting married 01/09/2018 and I’m super excited to be standing by her side as her Bridesmaid! This lass is one of those who you can count on no matter what… need a lift she’s there, stuck in hospital craving chocolate she’s there, feeling lonely and need a friend she’s there! My favourite drinking partner and go to girl… Michelle.

Sam is my oldest friend, we met in school in around year 3 or 4. F*** me there’s too much to fill you in about this guy we’ve shared so many years and so many memories I couldn’t imagine a life without him! He’s like my soulmate without the sexual feelings if you get me?!

Amie where do I start with this one… she’s crazy you know that sort of craziness you need in your life. You may as well know her as Tequila. Every night out ends badly because we’re all jäger’Ed out from Michelle and Tequila’ed out from Amie! She’s the life and soul of the party but on the other hand battles with her own demons! She’s also an inspiration to me a lot like my mum. You can still drag yourself somewhere no matter how hard it is! As a matter of a fact she’s the reason I’m posting; she created a blog around a month or two ago and I found her posts uplifting, intriguing and empowering.

There’s so many more people I can fill this post about but I’d just keep going and going and going so I’ll put pictures of them instead.

Below is are my beautiful nieces; the love I feel for them is incredible I could burst. Unfortunately due to no fault of my own I don’t speak to my sister so I’m not allowed to see them this is another story for another time but they had to be included as they are my favourite little humans.

I cant forget my favourite star in the sky. Unfortunately my grandma passed away very tragically in December 2012 but she’s the reason I do what I do to make her proud. Again she’s such a big part of my life she will be a story for another time but she has to be apart of my introductory.

So this is my introduction into my life the smallest snippet! I haven’t even introduced you to work or my daily life. This really is an adventure it’s own delving into blogging life.

Thanks for letting me share.

Love always,

Sarah 🌸

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Let’s get started…

So I suppose I best introduce myself… I’m Sarah-Claire; I’m 23 and from the North East of England, UK. I’m a newly engaged and very loved up… myself and my partner have just got our first place! Now is our greatest test. They say you don’t know a person until you’ve lived with them.

Why am I here?! Well my friend has not long ago started a blog and I’ve been engrossed ever since. She’s inspired me to think deeper and write about how I feel rather than act like tough and keep it bottled up so I’m going to burst my river banks and submerge my loves, my life and my thoughts within this blog.

So happy reading and welcome to my life ❤️

Love always,

Sarah 🌸

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